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PMKS returns quick and accurate results for the position, velocity, and acceleration of rigid bodies connected as planar mechanisms.

This is motivated by research to computationally synthesize mechanisms for user-defined positions and velocities. For example, a curve that describes the path followed by a robot-leg. The larger computational design synthesis research project is known at MechSynth, which is the PhD work of Pradeep Radhakrishnan.

Based on recent publications, we have set up this code repository so that others can view our progress, test the code, and join in as fellow developers.

I suggest you click the (follow) link so that you can keep up-to-date on our progress. I expect big changes for the remaining months of 2012!

A little about the included projects…

The project known as PlanarMechanismSimulator (and PlanarMechanismSimulator_Silverlight) is the main code which compiles as a .DLL file and can be accessed by:

  1. as an Excel macro
  2. through Program line execution where a text file is received and a text file of data is output.
  3. as a graphical Silverlight webpage
  4. and through MechSynth.

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